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TIMAF helps management and professionals with the successful digital transformation of their organisation.

Available as paperback, ePUB and PDF.

Strategy in Digital transformation book

September 2024 we publish the 'Strategy in Digital transformation' book.

This book will explain how to create, share, execute, measure and optimise digital strategies and have a successful digital transformation. 

With an optimal combination of theory, best practices, examples and exercises you can bring everything you learned from this book in practice the next day.​


We advise on all aspects of digital transformation.

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Thursday October 10th, Erik Hartman talks about Executing & Optimising your Strategy in Digital transformation.

He will walk you through the steps of digital strategy sharing, executing, measuring and optimising, using a best practice example.

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TIMAF's hands-on training helps professionals making the digital transformation successful.

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Our seasoned trainers can facilitate an in-company training on one of our prepared learning modules or develop a tailor-made training.

EIM Practitioner - rond

All of our prepared learning modules are available online. Just choose the modules that are relevant for you and learn at your own pace.

EIM Specialist - rond

We provide a blended training program with combination of in-company classrooms and online learning modules.

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Let's talk about your digital transformation challenges.

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We help organisations across the world with their digital transformation.

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