TIMAF helps management and professionals with the successful digital transformation of their organisation.



We advise on all aspects of digital transformation.

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Digital transformation is the change an organisation undertakes to better respond to the needs and possibilities of the digital age in which we live right now.

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Digital maturity measures how the organisation deals with the organisational, informational, technological and cultural challenges of a digital transformation.

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A digital strategy is a preconceived plan to determine how the organisation will achieve its goals using digital tools and technologies in the most optimal way.

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Process management is a framework for the identification, discovery, analysis, improvement, simulation, implementation and monitoring of customer and organisation processes.

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Information management is the systematic planning, development, control, distribution, evaluation and preservation of all enterprise information within an organisation.

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Digitale governance describes the processes, roles, policies and standards to ensure that organisation goals are achieved.

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Digital architecture is about connecting organisation goals, processes, information and technology in the most optimal way for the organisation.

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Tools and technologie support the digital transformation with the right  requirements and optimal support for professionals in using them.

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With a focus on the culture of the organisation, a successful digital transformation is more likely.


TIMAF's hands-on training helps professionals making the digital transformation successful.

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Our seasoned trainers can facilitate an in-company training on one of our prepared learning modules or develop a tailor-made training.

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All of our prepared learning modules are available online. Just choose the modules that are relevant for you and learn at your own pace.

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We provide a blended training program with combination of in-company classrooms and online learning modules.



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