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Training in digital transformation

TIMAF's hands-on training helps management and professionals to be successful in digital transformation. 

All of our training modules are available in-company, online or 'blended'. If needed, a tailor-made training is a possibility. At the end of a module, students receive a TIMAF certificate.

In each training, students work on their own project or business case. After the training, students bring the business case or project into practice with what they learned in the training.

Business Process Management (BPM)

Business process management (BPM) is a framework for the identification, discovery, analysis, optimisation, simulation, implementation, and observation of customer and organisation processes.

BPM is essential in digital transformation, since it helps with continuously optimising the customer and organisation processes as the 'nerve pathways' of the organisation.

BPM Specialist

The four-day training Business Process Management (BPM) offers students the methods, best practices and instruments to identify, discover, analyse, optimise, simulate, implement and observe customer and business processes. BPM is key to make the organisation's digital transformation successful.

After the training, each student has a set of methods, instruments and best practices to lead the organisation in the changes that are necessary to realise a successful digital transformation.


Students receive the 'TIMAF BPM Specialist' certificate.

This training is available in-company, online or 'blended'.

4 day training


in-company: EUR 2.000,- per person

online or blended: please contact us

EIM Lifecycle - transparant background.png

Enterprise information management (EIM) is the systematic planning, development, control, distribution, evaluation and preservation of all enterprise information within an organisation.

Information is an essential asset for every organisation. EIM is key for a successful digital transformation because it helps optimising the use and value of information.

Meer informatie
Enterprise Information Management (EIM)
Training EIM Practitioner

The one day EIM Practitioner training provides students with the foundation that is needed to attend the TIMAF EIM Specialist modules.

After this training, each students has an understanding of the value and use of information management, the several information management disciplines, the EIM lifecycle, the latest trends, and the importance of strategy, governance and architecture in information management for a successful digital transformation.


At the end of the training, students receive the 'TIMAF EIM Practitioner' certificate.

This training is available in-company, online or 'blended'.


1 day training


in-company: EUR 895,- per person

online or blended: please contact us

Training EIM Specialist

The TIMAF EIM Specialist training offers students in-depth knowledge in several information management disciplines. Each module ends with a practical assignment.

Students can select from 15 one-day training modules. They receive a certificate for each module..

Students who successfully pass a minimum of 7 Specialist modules, receive the 'TIMAF EIM Specialist' certificate.

This training is available in-company, online or 'blended'.

Make your choice out of 15 EIM Specialist modules:


1 day training per module


in-company: EUR 995,- per person

online or blended: please contact us

1. Strategy

Develop a digital strategy in 12 steps.

4. Information analysis

Analyse the use and value of information.

7. Document management

Manage digital documents in a securely and efficiently.

10. Digital workplace

Provide employees with the best digital experience.

13. Digital maturity

Assess the organisation's digital maturity.

2. Governance

Define policies, standards, guidelines for an efficient organisation.

5. Process analysis

Analyse customer and organisation processes for improvement.

8. Collaboration

Make sure employees can seamlessly collaborate and share knowledge.

11. Metadata

Add context to information for findability, personalisation, and reuse.

14. Digital transformation

Make use of the opportunities that digital transformation has to offer.

3. Architecture

Connect information and business architecture with technology.

6. Findability

Make information accessible and findable.

9. Records management

Manage digital documents in their final life phase.

12. Tool procurement

Define the correct requirements for optimal tooling.

15. Change management

Accompany and support people during the digital transformation.

Students about the TIMAF trainings

EIM Practitioner student

"Very valuable training, offers so much about information management. This has given me a lot of ideas and practical tools for my work.”

EIM Master coaching

Professionals with the TIMAF EIM Specialist certificate can apply for the EIM Master coaching.

The student works on a real business case with a TIMAf coach. The student chooses the project or the business case.

After finalising the business case, the student receives the 'TIMAF EIM Master' certificate.

This training is available as 'coaching on the job'.


4 day coaching


in-company: EUR 4.800,- per person

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