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Change management in digital transformation refers to the process of managing the changes that occur in an organisation as it adopts new digital technologies and processes.


It is an important aspect of digital transformation because it helps ensure that the transition to a digital business model is smooth, efficient, and effective.

Change management is essential for a successful digital transformation. It helps to minimise disruption to the organisation and its employees. When changes are not properly managed, they can lead to confusion, frustration, and resistance among employees, which can hinder the adoption of new technologies and processes.

Change management helps to ensure that the benefits of digital transformation are realised. By carefully planning and executing the changes, organisations can maximise the value that they get from their digital investments.

Change management also helps to foster a culture of continuous improvement and innovation. By managing change effectively, organisations can encourage employees to embrace new ideas and technologies, which can drive further digital transformation.

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TIMAF guides organisation in their change management.

After conducting a stakeholder analysis and a digital transformation analysis, we consult on change management and the cultural transition.

This helps the organisation reach a higher level of information maturity, which is essential for a successful digital transformation.

Request a no-obligation advisory meeting or call +31 (0)6 1446 5585.

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