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A tool selection is when an organisation chooses digital tools that can contribute to digital transformation.

Tools and technology can support digital transformation, provided that the right requirements are established and professionals are well-guided in the use of the tools. 

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The first step in tool selection is the analysis in which the requirements are established.


The next step is then market research. The parties on the short list receive an information request. The answers from those parties are then weighed.


The parties with the best responses are invited to a demonstration and then a trial period.


After that, there is a request for proposals to parties that have successfully completed the trial period. The proposals are weighed and a winner is chosen.


The project group writes a recommendation to the client, describing the selection process and presenting the winner. 

This is an example of how the steps might proceed. Depending on the procurement rules and the organisation's requirements, the selection process may differ.


TIMAF is an independent consulting firm with more than 20 years of experience in tool selection and (European) procurement. We have no partnership or other arrangements with |T suppliers and implementation partners. 

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TIMAF guides organisations in their tool procurement.


After analysing the requirements and desires, we provide advice on possible tools, suppliers, and implementation partners. We accompany the organisation in its (European) procurement process and help in preparing a recommendation for the final choice.

In this way, we help the organisation reach a higher level of information maturity, which is essential for a successful digital transformation.

Ask for a non-binding advisory session or call +31 (0)6 1446 5585.

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