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Enterprise information management (EIM) is the systematic planning, development, management, distribution, evaluation, and preservation of all enterprise information in an organisation. 

Organisations are dealing with large amounts of ever-growing collections of information and are increasingly struggling to get a handle on it. Enterprise information management (EIM) helps to control this enormous growth by effectively and systematically using information. 

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The information management lifecycle

EIM follows the lifecycle of enterprise information: from planning through development and management to eventual archiving and even destruction of the information. 

The lifecycle consists of six phases: plan, develop, manage, distribute, evaluate, and preserve. 

First is the 1. planning phase, in which organisational goals and the needs of the target group are translated into a digital strategy. In this phase, a digital architecture is also developed and the digital governance is determined.

In the 2. development phase, information is created, edited, scanned, collected, or obtained in other ways. Information is also given context in this phase. 

The 3. management phase concerns the organization of the information. In the management phase, the information is stored, secured, assessed, and approved within an information organisation. 

In the 4. distribution phase, the information is assembled and offered for publication. Information can be optimised for a specific channel or audience. 

The 5. evaluation phase is the moment to check whether the information is still current, valuable, and relevant and whether the audience can find the information. 

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The 6. preservation phase is also important in the information management process. Reuse (share) valuable information and preserve or destroy information that is no longer useful. 

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 Information management lifecycle poster

TIMAF developed a poster that includes the entire lifecycle of information.

Use this poster to analyze and improve the process of information management."

TIMAF EIM lifecycle poster EN.jpg
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TIMAF guides organisations in optimising their information management.

After analysing the digital maturity, we provide advice on digital strategy, information and process management, change management, cultural transition, digital governance, and enterprise architecture.

In this way, we help the organisation to a higher level of information maturity, which is essential for a successful digital transformation.

Request a free advisory session or call +31 (0)6 1446 5585.

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YES, I would like to talk about optimising information management in our organisation.

Thank you! We will contact you as soon as possible.

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