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Terms of Use

The general terms and conditions apply to all our training courses, advice and publications. By registering you agree to these terms and conditions. We therefore advise you to read it carefully before registering.


In the following is understood by:

Training conditions: the provisions and conditions laid down in the following articles that apply to training courses provided by/via TIMAF.


Customer: the (legal) person on behalf of which TIMAF provides training, consultancy services and/or publications.

Training: all written/online courses and meetings organized by TIMAF, such as but not limited to a classroom training, conference, in-company training, seminar, masterclass, post-HBO training and/or conference.

Written/online course: form of training in which the participant goes through the written/online course material at his/her own pace according to a pre-agreed interval.

Classroom training: form of training in which participants from various organizations follow the same training using existing training material and a fixed programme.

In-company training and/or coaching: form of training whereby the Training is organized in-house on request according to a tailor-made programme.

Online learning: a course that is made available to the Customer by TIMAF via the internet or other electronic means.


Registration takes place by submission of a fully completed registration form by the Customer via e-mail, by post or via the fully completed online registration form on the website. Provisional reservations for a course can be made by telephone.


​TIMAF will immediately send, after receipt of the registration, a written confirmation of registration and an invoice. If the desired Course is fully booked, this will be announced and an alternative will be sought.


All prices are exclusive of VAT and other government-imposed levies, unless stated otherwise. The price of Classroom training includes the costs of training materials, lunch, coffee/tea and the location costs, unless stated otherwise for the relevant Training.


​The invoice amount (incl. VAT) must be paid within 30 days after the invoice date, but always before the start of the Training.


TIMAF's liability is limited to replacement compensation, ie compensation of the value of the performance left behind. Any other liability is excluded.

The compensation to be paid by TIMAF will never exceed the total of the amounts already invoiced and paid on the basis of the relevant agreement.


The Client is entitled to cancel the agreed Training (with the exception of exams and, if applicable, study materials already delivered) in whole or in part. Cancellation must always be made in writing, the cancellation date being the date of receipt by TIMAF of the written cancellation.

The Client is entitled to replace a participant registered for a Training (with the exception of exams) with another person, if this has been reported to TIMAF in writing before the start of the Training. There is no charge for such a replacement. Naturally, the replacement participant must meet any entry requirements with regard to the relevant Training.

In the case of a Classroom training, the Customer is entitled to move his/her participation once, and of course if possible, to a later start date up to 4 weeks before the start of the relevant Training. This request must be made in writing.

In the case of an In-company training, the Customer is entitled to move the training once, and of course if possible, to a later start date up to 4 weeks before the start of the relevant Training. This transfer must be requested in writing.

In case of cancellation of a Written course up to 1 month before the start of the course (the start date confirmed by TIMAF), only an amount of € 95 administration costs will be charged. In case of cancellation within 1 month before the start of the course, the full amount must be paid.

In case of cancellation of a Classroom training (with the exception of exams and, if applicable, study materials already delivered), the cancellation conditions apply as they can be found on the TIMAF website under the heading Price / Registration for the relevant Training. These can be sent on request. In all cases, TIMAF charges a minimum of € 95 administration costs in the event of cancellation.

Cancellation of an In-company training up to 1 month before the start of the Training is free of charge, with the exception of the reasonably incurred (at least all out-of-pocket) costs. These words are taken into account.


In the event of cancellation within 4 weeks before the start of the In-company training, the full invoice amount will be charged and the invoice amount must be paid in full.

TIMAF reserves the right to make changes to, for example, the course schedule, course times and/or the replacement of the trainer without stating reasons.

TIMAF will make every effort to provide the Training in accordance with the published schedule or the agreements made, but accepts no liability if a Training cannot take place due to circumstances or must be interrupted. In such a case, TIMAF will make every reasonable effort to complete the Training or to provide it at a later date or to offer a suitable alternative.


If the latter proves to be impossible, course fees already paid will be refunded or not charged.

Furthermore, TIMAF reserves the right to cancel a Classroom training due to lack of registrations. The registered participants will receive notification of such a cancellation no later than 5 working days before the start of the Training. Travel and accommodation obligations already entered into by the Customer are at the expense and risk of the Customer.

Rights of use

All intellectual (property) rights with regard to training material, software, additional documentation and all other documents, materials and information used and/or provided by TIMAF in the context of a Training are vested in TIMAF and/or its licensor(s).


The Customer is not permitted to reproduce, distribute or otherwise use the materials, documents, etc. referred to in the previous paragraph in any form, in whole or in part, in violation of TIMAF's intellectual (property) rights.

The participants/Customer obtain a non-exclusive, non-transferable user right to the training material individually and for the benefit of the Training.

Without prejudice to the provisions of the previous paragraphs, participants/ Customers of the Training are permitted to use the materials, documents, etc. provided in the performance of their duties and in accordance with the purpose of the Training.


Only Dutch law applies to any legal relationship between the Customer and TIMAAF.


All disputes - including those that are only regarded as such by one of the parties - that may arise as a result of an agreement between the parties, will be submitted to the competent court in Utrecht.


Before applying the provisions of paragraph 2, the party shall notify the other party in writing that there is a dispute. The parties will then enter into consultation to see whether an amicable solution is feasible. Only if such a solution has proved impossible will each of the parties be entitled to apply the provisions of the second paragraph of this article.

TIMAF may grant Customer non-exclusive access to software for the purpose of Online learning.

The password(s) and/or user(s) name(s) and/or other identification data provided by TIMAF to participants/Client are individual and strictly personal. It is not permitted to share said data with a third party, unless expressly agreed otherwise between participants/Client and TIMAF.


The data referred to in paragraph 2 are exclusively intended for Online learning. The Customer will handle the said data with the utmost care. The Customer is liable for (the consequences of) careless and/or unlawful use of the data referred to in paragraph 2.

The Customer is not permitted to reproduce, distribute and/or publish the digital training material.

Personal data

The Client agrees that (personal) data that the Client provides to TIMAF, such as, but not limited to, (work) address details, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses, will be processed in a (partly) automated administration of TIMAF. This data can be used for, among other things, customer administration, providing access to (online) training material and (electronic) transmission of information about Training and related products and services of IMF.

Customer and TIMAF will comply with the obligations existing for each of the parties on the basis of the AVG/GDPR (see also TIMAF's Privacy Statement).

Last update

8th February, 2023

Utrecht, Netherlands

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