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Digital governance describes the processes, roles, policies, standards, and criteria that ensure that organisational goals are achieved.

Governance is about optimising the organisation - with policies, standards, and clear agreements - so that the right procedures are followed throughout the process of achieving customer value. 

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Governance is not a straitjacket. It creates clarity and gives mandate to professionals who want to achieve a goal. 

Every professional knows the scope of action and can provide feedback to the governance administrators. 

Governance and policy do not stand alone. There are connections with other policy areas, such as information policy, HR policy, security policy, communication policy, and privacy policy. 

Governance is always connected to the organisational strategy, which clearly defines the strategy, who is the "owner" of the strategy, and the role of the professional in each step of each process to successfully implement the organizational strategy. 

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TIMAF guides organisations in their digital governance.


After analysing digital maturity, we provide advice on digital strategy, information and process management, change management, cultural transition, digital governance, and enterprise architecture.

This helps the organisation reach a higher level of information maturity, which is essential for a successful digital transformation.

Request a no-obligation advisory meeting or call +31 (0)6 1446 5585.

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Yes, I would like to have a non-binding conversation about our digital governance.

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