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Business process management (BPM) is a framework for identifying, discovering, analysing, optimising, simulating, and observing customer and organisational processes.


Process management has a lifecycle, which starts with identifying processes, moving on to discovery and analysis, and then optimising, simulating, implementing, and observing, before returning to the discovery phase again.


To achieve optimal results, process management should go through the following stages: 

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1. Identify - name all processes and place them in a process architecture and process portfolio 

2. Discover - describe all processes in an "as is" model 


3. Analyse - analyse bottlenecks and loops and establish requirements 

4. Optimise - design a "to be" model 

5. Simulate - test "live" the optimised processes 

6. Implement - put the optimised processes into operation using an executable process model 

7. Observe - evaluate the processes against performance indicators 

And return to the discovery phase and continue to analyse and optimise.

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Process management for continuous improvement

Process management works cyclically. The idea is that processes are continuously optimised. This makes process management an essential part of any digital transformation.

Process management assumes that each process has an outcome, and the value of that outcome is determined by the customer.

Process management aims to improve the outcome of the process so that it has more value, which contributes to the operational excellence of the organization, as well as the customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX). 

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BPM lifecycle poster

MAF has included the lifecycle of business process management in a convenient poster.

You will find all phases of the BPM lifecycle here, which runs from identifying processes through discovering and analyzing to optimizing, simulating, implementing, and observing, and back to discovering.

You can use this poster to explain to your colleagues and clients what process management entails and how you work towards optimal processes.

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