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Training process management as the foundation for your digital transformation.

The four-day 'Business process management' training starts on April 16th. This is an excellent opportunity to learn how you, as a professional, can contribute to the digital transformation of your organisation.

Optimal process management is essential for a successful digital transformation. The processes themselves often need to be significantly addressed in the digital transformation. In the business process management training, you will learn how to analyze and (continuously!) improve processes to achieve the digital ambition.

Work on operational excellence

The key concept for high-performing organisations is 'operational excellence'. Operational excellence means that an organisation has optimally arranged its information and processes to offer the best value to the customer.

Organisations with a successful digital transformation know how to connect information and processes and continuously optimise them. This allows them to climb higher on the ladder of digital maturity.

At the top of the maturity ladder, the organisation knows what the customer wants and what the customer does, and can respond quickly to changing customer demand. That is operational excellence and the core of digital transformation.

Especially for professionals in digital transformation

The Business Process Management (BPM) training is specifically designed for professionals who want to supplement their expertise with new insights into process management and digital transformation.

DAY 1 - Introduction

We start with the essentials of process management, operational excellence, and the life cycle of process management. On the first day, we already make a business case to convince management and your colleagues.

DAY 2 - From 'as is' to 'to be'

On the second day, we discuss the most important methodologies for describing and analyzing the current ('as is') situation and achieving the desired ('to be') situation. For example, using the 'Business Process Modeling & Notification' (BPMN) and 'Value Stream Mapping' (VSM) methodologies. You apply these methodologies using examples and tasks 'playfully'.

DAY 3 - Change management and digital transformation

On day three, you will learn what you need to consider in order to improve the digital maturity of your organisation. We will also look at the latest developments and best practices in digital transformation and process management.

DAY 4 - Digital transformation and present your own case

On the fourth day, we look at tools and techniques that you can use for process management. In the afternoon, you work on a practical case that you present after completion.

Bring your own case

Unique to this training is that you can work on your own case from day 1. So definitely bring your own case. The trainer will contact you beforehand to discuss the case and will incorporate it into the lesson plan.

Do you not have a case? No problem, you can also work on the case of another participant or use the 'real-life' example case.

After completion, you will receive the TIMAF 'BPM Specialist' certificate and can immediately put the learned - and your developed case - into practice.

Previous participants are very positive about the BPM training

"Enthusiastic trainer! Erik did a very good job!"

"Very practical and interactive."

"Clear, sufficient information, good variety."

'Recommended for anyone who comes into contact with business and process analysis.'

"Learned a lot from each other!"

"The creation of a practical business case was an eye-opener."

Join the BPM training

Want to learn more about BPM business process management? Join the BPM training!

Erik Hartman will give a 4-day BPM training (in Dutch) on April 16, 17 and 23, 24. Here you get all the tools, methodologies and best practices to optimise the value and efficiency of your processes and then automate them.

The training is practical; from day one you work on your own case. On the fourth day, you will present the case based on everything you have learned. The following week you can immediately start working with this case in your organisation.

Register today! (10% discount with code 'NEWSLETTER-24').

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