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Do you have an idea for my new book?

These summer months, I am working steadily on the new book 'Strategy in Digital Transformation'. This will be a read and do book that helps you successfully create, share, measure and optimise digital strategies.

So I am very curious to hear your suggestions, questions and comments for this book. Do you know anyone who is doing well with digital strategy and digital transformation? Do you have a topic or literature tip for the book? Please let us know and send a message to

Subscribers to the TIMAF newsletter and members of the TIMAF Digital transformation community will get the e-book for free. So I would say sign up!

I will tell more about the contents of the book in a future post. In any case, you will find the TIMAF strategy game, 10 worked-out examples and lots of exercises in this book. With the digital strategy poster and game cards it becomes a real do-it-yourself-book. The idea is that, based on the book, you can start creating a digital strategy yourself.

In October, I aim to have the e-book ready. I will keep you posted on developments.

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