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Digital transformation is strategy

Updated: 17 hours ago

Digital transformation uses technology as a means to meet the demands and opportunities of the digital age in which we now live. But true transformation can only be successful if it is approached strategically. This goes far beyond the deployment of technology.

Digital transformation is the change an organisation goes through to better meet the demands and opportunities of the digital age in which we now live. Organisations that go through a successful digital transformation have a lasting advantage over their competitors.

Digital competition

Digital transformation is especially relevant for organizations that existed before the digital economy became the norm. They must compete with "digital-native" companies that have been living and breathing digital from the beginning. These digital startups do not need digital transformation because they are digital in all their capillaries.

How to successfully transform the organization is a recurring topic during boardroom meetings. C-level executives get very nervous when they see startups conquering the market with new technology.

Strategic thinking

But digital transformation is not about updating and expanding your technology. It's more about adjusting your strategic thinking. Organisations need to get a clear focus on what they need to do and embrace a new way of thinking. They need to completely rethink their underlying assumptions about what their organisation stands for and the role they want to play in the world.

This makes digital transformation more of a business transformation ("business transformation") than a digital technology transformation. We say "digital" transformation because it is typical of the digital age we live in, not because everything must now be digital or because being digital alone makes you successful.

Strategy in digital transformation

In the new TIMAF publication 'Strategy in Digital Transformation' you can read about how to best use strategy for successful digital transformation.

This book explains how to create, share, execute, measure and optimize digital strategies and make a successful digital transformation.

With an optimal combination of theory, best practices, examples and exercises, you can put everything you've learned from this book into practice the very next day.

Order the book today! (e-book will be released in June 2024)

Webinar over Strategie in digitale transformatie

Friday, June 21, author Erik Hartman updates you on the role of strategy in digital transformation.

Using a practical example, Erik will take you through all the steps of strategy. You will get all the tools to get started yourself.

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