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The road to digital maturity runs through technology and culture

Organisations are undergoing a change to better meet the demands and opportunities of the digital age in which we now live. However, this “digital transformation” is not just about technology.

According to a study by MIT Sloan and Deloitte, digital transformation is an important item on the agenda of just about every organisation. Too much focus on technology and not enough on people.

Culture makes the difference

Technology is of course hip and cool. It also seems concrete. But it's not enough. A critical step in any digital transformation is building a culture that embraces organisational change and adoption of the new way of thinking.

Digitally mature organisations have even more in common: they have a clear and unambiguous digital strategy, they work with interdisciplinary teams and a culture of genuine mutual cooperation. They also look 5 to 10 years into the future and work towards that. And they know how to scale up successful experiments into innovative solutions.

The video Achieving digital maturity gives a good summary of what is really needed in digital transformation.

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