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TIMAF regularly organises webinars on digital transformation and digital maturity. Learn how to make your organisation's digital transformation successful!

October 6 - Webinar on Obeya
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​June 23rd, Erik Hartman will talk about the role of Obeya in digital transformation success. 

Many digital transformations fail, mainly because of the lack of alignment between executives, management and professionals.

In the October 6th webinar you will learn how to setup an Obeya (big room) where executives, management and professionals gather to work on the digital transformation.

Obeya (The Big Room)

Alignment between executives, management and professionals is an essential aspect of a digital transformation's success rate. 

When Toyota invented the hybrid Prius, they used an Obeya to make sure everybody was aligned with the objectives, the challenges, decisions, and the progress of this innovative transformation.

Setting up an Obeya could be really helpful for your digital transformation.

In this webinar, Erik will explain to you how to setup an Obeya and which roles should be involved. He walks you through an Obeya session with a real life example.

After this webinar you can setup an Obeya yourself.

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6th, October, 2023

14:00 - 16:00 (CET)

EUR 25,- per person

free for TIMAF members


Introduction - 10 minutes

Erik Hartman introduces himself and asks the participants some questions.

Digital transformation and digital maturity - 15 minutes

Erik explains the importance of measuring digital maturity and demonstrates the TIMAF digital maturity framework.

Obeya as an alignment tool for digital transformation - 60 minutes

Erik starts with asking the participants to answer some statements. Then he dives into the setup of an Obeya (big room) where management and professionals work together on digital transformaiton..

Erik will use an example business case to clarify the role of Obeya. 

Questions and Answers - 25 minutes

Erik will answer questions from the participants.​

Recap of the webinar - 10 minutes

Erik recaps the webinar.

Webinar details

Date and time

October 6th, 2023.

From 14:00 until 15:30 (Central European Time)


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EUR 25,- per person -
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