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Create a digital strategy in 12 steps

A digital strategy offers the more likely to succeed in achieving digital transformation. However, many professionals balk at creating a strategy or they create a strategy that is too abstract or inflexible.

To help organisations with their digital strategy, TIMAF developed the digital strategy game that allows you to create a digital strategy in 12 steps. You can apply this game directly in a workshop with colleagues, customers and suppliers.

Digital strategy game

The TIMAF Digital Strategy Game can be used in a workshop to create a digital strategy with your team.

It leads you to a digital strategy in 12 steps. In the workshop, you answer each question as a team.

1. What are your organisation's goals?

2. What stands in the way of achieving the goal?

3. What needs to improve in order to achieve the goal?

4. Then choose the target group

5. Focus on the personal motivation for that target group.

6. Think about what information, service or product you can offer in what way.

7. Consider how by what means you will offer this.

8. What tactics will you use to achieve the goal?

9. On what indicators will you measure success?

10. What measurement tools will you use?

11. Who do you need to work with to realise the strategy?

12. Are you done with this strategy? Well, then it's time for the next one!

Always start with a strategy

The game allows you to quickly create multiple strategies. Every initiative in digital transformation should start with creating a digital strategy. This is the only way to measurably achieve goals and make mid-term adjustments to the strategy as needed.

Many digital transformations fail because there is no digital strategy or because the strategy is neither good nor optimised. With the strategy game, you have a set of short strategies that you can create, communicate, measure and improve quite easily.

Handy strategy game poster

The 12 steps of the digital strategy game are compiled on a poster.

You can request the free Digital Strategy poster and share it with your colleagues.

In the following blog posts, I will cover each step of the strategy game in more detail.

Webinar: The role of strategy in digital transformation

Friday, June 23, 2023 Erik Hartman will update you in two hours on the role of strategy in digital transformation using a case study.

You will be taken step by step in setting up a digital strategy and there will be plenty of room for interaction and questions with the participants.

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