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'Applied AI', excellent explanation about artificial intelligence for professionals

The hype in artificial intelligence (AI) has been revived again, with all kinds of expectations and misunderstandings. So it is useful to find out exactly what artificial intelligence is and how you can use it. But where do you get that knowledge if you are not a machine learning programmer or AI expert?

A good start is Applied Artificial Intelligence – A Handbook for Business Leaders. The authors wrote a practical guide for leadership who want to use machine intelligence to improve their organisations and communities. This book is still current and written in a very readable way.

Data chores: it has to be done, but no one wants to do it

I wrote a review about “Applied AI” on CMS Wire in 2018. What I still love about the book by Mariya Yao, Marlene Jia and Adelyn Zhou is that they pay ample attention to the essential role of data in artificial intelligence. People usually think much too naively about the enormous job of 'data cover cattle': cleaning and organising data. That is 80 percent of the work that has to be done by specialists. Specialists who are extremely scarce.

Armed into the hype

After reading this book, I think you can also better interpret the latest hypes of ChatGPT, (chatbot) Dall-E (illustrator), Midjourney (photo maker), Deepswap (video maker) and countless other examples.

You can request more source material from the 'Applied AI' book and be sure to check out Mariya Yao's blog TOPBOTS if you want to dive deeper into the AI.

On will regularly blog about artificial intelligence and what it can really mean for people and organisations. And without pretending that we suddenly find ourselves in an "AI society". That is very exaggerated, but I have already seen a few 'experts' claim it.

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