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Learn from other professionals at DLF 2023 in Vienna

Even after three decades of 'world wide web', we are still at the beginning of the digital transformation of organisations. We still have a lot of experimenting to do and mistakes to learn from. Then, of course, it shoots nicely if you can learn from the successes - and failures - of others.

Fortunately, every year you have the chance to meet other digital communication, marketing and information professionals from all over Europe in Vienna. So come to Digital Leadership Forum 2023 in Vienna. There you will meet 'digital peers' struggling with the same issues as you.

No sponsor talk

What makes this 'boutique' event so special is that the speakers are real people from the field. No sponsor talk and no consultants who think they know it all better. In fact, organiser Advatera is a network of communication, marketing and digital professionals who meet regularly to share their experiences. And every year a large number of those community members get together in Vienna.

Monday workshop day

On the first day, you can choose from three workshops in which you will learn from other digital peers how to apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) in practice, how best to handle Customer Journey Mapping and, thirdly, how to facilitate employees with internal communication.

You really get a 'look behind the scenes' of other organisations during these three workshops. The workshops are always practical and give plenty of room for interaction.

Traditionally, you then get a tour of beautiful Vienna and we close the first day with dinner and drinks.

Tuesday's presentations and meetings

The second day is packed with interesting presentations from CNN, Allianz, Bayer, Continental, Unilever, Wise and Imperial College London, among others. These presentations run across three 'tracks' (tracks):

  • Track A - Digital Leadership and Business Transformation,

  • Track B - Digital External Communications & Marketing and

  • Track C - Digital Internal Communications, Digital Workplace & Hybrid work.

This combination of digital leadership and external, internal and communications is very valuable. You can choose one of the tracks and immerse yourself completely or you can learn something from each sub discipline. We often see teams of two or three people each following a track and then sharing among themselves what they have heard.

The added value is in the networking

The annual Digital Leadership Forum is always entertaining and highly educational, but extra added value is in the meetings and exchange of experience and knowledge. It does not matter whether your organisation is small or large, commercial or government and whether you have a lot or only a little experience.

Just come along and meet your colleagues from Europe. You will learn a lot.

See you on 18 and 19 September in Vienna!

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