March 21, 2017


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TIMAF is an independent consultancy in information and process management that supports organisations step by step towards a successful digital transformation. With an optimal information strategy, a robust information architecture and transparent information governance we help build a strategic digital foundation that gives organisations true agility and a competitive advantage. Our clients are among the top 500 of organisations in Europe.


Information Strategy

EIM strategyAn information strategy is a plan that describes how the goals of an organization can be met by providing valuable information to its audience.

The TIMAF Information Strategy Game leads you in 12 steps to a tangible and successful information strategy.

First you focus on your goals, challenges and business drivers. These are the foundation of your strategy.

Then you get a deeper understanding of your audiences and their motivations. Without this understanding, your strategy will never work.

Once you have insight in your business requirements and your audience motivation, you can focus on the information you need to share, and the tactics and the means you are going to use to reach your goals.

You define your performance indicators and define how you will measure the results of your strategy. Finally you think of the people and resources you need to make your strategy a success. At the end, you present your strategy to management and other stakeholders. And then you start working on it!

Download the poster An Optimal Digital Strategy in 12 Steps


Information Management Lifecycle

EIM lifecycleEnterprise Informaton Management (EIM) is the process of planning, developing, managing, deploying, preserving and evaluating all information within an enterprise.

The phases in the TIMAF Information Management Lifecycle will help you master your digital strategy.

The EIM Lifecycle consists of six phases: plan, develop, control, distribute, evaluate, and preserve.

In the plan phase, the information management strategy is aligned with the business objectives. In this phase you also develop the information architecture and you organise the information governance policies, standards and guidelines. In the next five phases you organise the information management process to reach the business goals. This will give you good grip on your enterprise information.

Download the poster More Grip On Your Information Lifecycle


Information Management Maturity

EIM maturity TIMAF 2018Information Maturity is the level in which an organisation deals with the organizational, informational and technological challenges of information management. 

The higher an organisation’s maturity level, the more successful its digital strategy.

The TIMAF Information management maturity model has five levels and three main dimensions. The levels are Unmanaged, Beginning, Learning, Responsive and Predictive. The Dimensions are Organisation, Information and Systems.

After an audit of the ‘as is’ information maturity the model helps to create a roadmap of all activities that need to be done to get to a higher ‘to be’ maturity level.

The maturity model also helps organisations understand how important the Learning level is for the organisation and all professionals involved in the digital transformation.

Download the poster To a Higher Digital Maturity


Information Management Tools

EIM tool selection TIMAF 2018An Information Management Tool automates the management of information across its entire lifecycle.

The TIMAF tool selection methodology helps you to select the right tool for your business needs and your stakeholders.

After an analysis where you focus on the needs of your business and the people who have to work with the tools, you do a market survey.

All possible tool candidates receive a request for information which you evaluate. In a demonstration the vendors show your scenarios and in the sandbox your ‘users’ test the tool in an online environment. This way the users have an important role in your selection process.

Finally you send a request for proposal to all remaining vendors which you evaluate. Based on your evaluations you advise the organisation which tool to select.

Download the poster The Right Tool in 9 Steps


Information Management Best Practices



TIMAF EIM Best PracticesCollection of 19 information management best practices, with cases from Harvard Business School, HP, Microsoft, KPN/Getronics, Motorola, Wienerberger, Essex County, the Canadian Army, and World Bank.

Each best practice presents the roles needed, the steps taken and the end result. The clear language and consistent ‘taking steps’ approach make it easy to try each best practice in your own organisatoni.

After introduction of the essence of enterprise information, you will find 19 best practices in information analysis, governance, taxonomy design, metadata, records management, change management, tool procurement, requirements analysis, video management, intranet, social media, and web analytics.

With contributions from international experts Bob Boiko, Ann Rockley, Stephanie Lemieux, Alan Pelz-Sharpe, Seth Earley, Volker Grünauer, Apoorv Durga, Joe Gollner, Phil Kemelor, and Martin White.

Some reviews

“Regardless of the kind of information you need to manage, this book will make your projects better.”

Bob Boiko, Washington University

“The TIMAF organization proves its dedication to raising the bar for information management practitioners everywhere. It has assembled the best thought leaders in the field to share insights from case studies which are both actionable and universally relevant. Even the most experienced IM professionals will learn something new with each turn of the page.”

Scott Liewehr, President CM Professionals

“It is, quite frankly, the best collection of case studies and solutions I’ve run across and will be an invaluable resource for our readers. The reports are solid, practical and real-world examples of how to do things right.”

Hugh McKellar, Editor in Chief KM World Magazine

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